Passive Components

WALSIN –  Walsin offers a complete portfolio of MLCC & Chip Resistor & Inductors to fulfill diversified applications from automotive electronics, smartphones, networking devices, and much moreChip Resistor-

Walsin is committed to delivering a reliable passive component solution to global value customers with superior quality, innovative technology, and competitive services.Through a series of aggressive merger and alliance, Walsin Technology offers customers a wide range of product specifications.

Capacitors, Resistors , Inductors , Thin Film Resistors, Circuit protection

MATSUO ELECTRONIC – Matsuo Electric has excelled as a technology-based company. We were the first in Japan to manufacture and sell film capacitors in 1957, and tantalum capacitors in 1959. Since then, under our motto of “Quality First”, we have responded to the needs of generations through our reliable technology. In 1994, we started manufacturing and sales of chip-type circuit protection components that were the smallest in the world at the time. We currently manufacture and sell tantalum capacitors as our core product, as well as others including circuit protection components and film capacitors.

Film and Tantalum Capacitors

KAMAYA – Kamaya, ever since its establishment, has taken “Let’s target the worldwide enterprises which are there all over the world by supplying resistors” as its management principle. It has established social credibility and has been contributing in development of the society through resistors. In order to further strengthen this credibility for contributing in the society

the following corporate conduct guidelines are being established and put into practice. 

Resistors ( Automotive , Anti surge , Low Ohm , Wide Termination )

Tri-Tron Since establishment in 1992, Tri-Tron endeavors to produce Inductor & Chip Ferrite Bead.

Tri-Tron believes success will be based on our company direction. That is to insist good quality, on time delivery, competitive price, & constant support to our customers.

Throughout years of development, Tri-Tron is pleased to achieve widespread support from all over the world. Tri-Tron will keep on providing our best service to customers.

Inductor & SMD Ferrite Bead Professional

Su`scon – Su`scon (KUAN KUN)specializes in providing solutions associated with the design, R&D, manufacture, and sales of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Su’scon’s unrivalled experience in capacitor R&D and manufacture and its mission of providing clients with optimal solutions based on outstanding, innovative products as well as quality services have enabled the company to become a reliable strategic partner of its clients.

In the past, Su`scon focused on developing aluminum electrolytic capacitor solutions for various industries by adopting emerging techniques and technologies, thereby creating value for our clients.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Yangjie Electronic Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the few outstanding manufacturers in China that integrates the vertical integration (IDM) of the industrial chain of semiconductor discrete device chip design and manufacturing, device packaging and testing, terminal sales and service. The product line covers discrete device chips, rectifier devices, protection devices, small signal, MOSFET, power modules, silicon carbide, etc., providing customers with a package of product solutions.

TVS, Small Signal , MOSFET, IGBT, Rectifier

WAYON– Wayon Electronics Co.,Ltd.  was founded in 1996.  Wayon is one of global core providers of electronic circuit protection solutions. The main products consist of PPTC, CPTC and Chip Fuse for over-current protection; TVS, Thyristor and ESD for over-voltage protection; Thermal Fuse, for over-temperature protection; and BMS,MOSFET, Protection IC, SCF etc. The product application covers telecommunications, rechargeable batteries, IT equipment, automotive Small Power Motor and Automotive Electronics , industrial equipment and consumer electronics.

PTC, ESD protection, Thyristor, Power MOSFET, IGBT Module

WALSIN – Disc Capacitor : Ceramic capacitors series with lead are also available at Walsin Technology. The product lineup includes 50V~6KV Disc Cap, Mono CAP, and Y1/Y2 Disc Cap compliant with safety standard.


MOV Varistors + MLV Varistors

Cystech – CYStech Electronics Corp. is one of Taiwan’s leading companies in Power Device developing & supplying globally. 

With more than 19 years’ experience in developing technology and more than 25 years’ experience in manufacturing Power Device , we are clear understanding of your specific needs to help you creat a competitive advantage.

MOSFET, Diodes, Transistors