Active Components

ESMT (Eon Former) – Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology

ESMT’s mission has been to become a supplier of all types of memory products and technology. Our specialty DRAM products can be widely used in PC peripheral, home appliances, and consumer, communications systems, with various density and interface specifications(including SDRAM, DDR I / II / III and PSRAM, low-power Mobile DRAM, etc.); In the Flash memory segment, ESMT also offers various density and interface type NOR and NAND Flash product families to satisfy customers’ need in developing variety of application system. In addition, due to the growing adoption of System in Package (SiP) in many applications, ESMT has also developed Known-Good-Die (KGD) and Multi-Chip Package (MCP) solutions of our memory products to support all requirements from customers.


SG Micro Corp (SGMICRO) specializes in high performance, high quality analog IC design, marketing and sales, and offers innovative solutions for a broad range of applications in wireless communication, consumer, medical, automotive and industrial markets.

SG Micro innovatives Analog IC solutions with an extensive portfolio allow our customers to target such diverse and fast growing markets as smart devices, mobile electronics and green energy technologies, and have resulted in improved performance such as longer battery life, less peripheral components, smaller PCB space and lower cost.

Operational Amplifier, Comparator , High Reliability LDO, Analog Switch, Li-Ion Battery Charger , μP Supervisory Circuits , Over- voltage protection IC, Level Translator, ADC / DAC, Logic IC

YIC supplies the best matching GNSS antenna module to read NMEA data, GNSS receivers, or GNSS modules + internal/external antenna design combinations, and provides free antenna matching adjustments.

YIC provides standard and custom RF antennas. The chamber operates at 300MHz to 18GHz and achieves the requirements of the US NSA65-6 communications equipment – EN50147-1 and GB12190-96.


GPS/GNSS Modules, GPS/GNSS Antenna Modules,GPS/GNSS Receivers’

RF Antennas

ISOCOM – specialises in the design, manufacture, and testing of high-quality optoelectronic and microelectronic components for space, defence, aerospace industries, as well as supplying parts to the medical, communications and industrial sectors. With over 35 years of experience, our knowledge, skills and expertise are unrivalled in the marketplace and have allowed us to be a part of some incredible projects.

ISOCOM invests heavily in R&D and our design and testing capabilities enable us to continuously improve our products in order to be at the forefront of our industry.

ISOCOM Limited is an AS9100 and ISO 9001 accredited company.  Their products are in fully compliant with MIL-PRF-38534 and MIL-PRF-19500.

Optocouplers / opto-Isolators, Power MOSFET, Solid State Relays / MOSFET Switches, Laser Diodes .

WALSIN Walsin offers a complete portfolio of RF components  to fulfill diversified applications

Balun, Filter, Coupler, SAW Filter , Multiplexer, Antenna, Modules, Microwave capacitors

SJK was founded in 1989 and is professional manufacturer of frequency control components. Our component families comprise Quartz crystals, crystal Resonators, crystal Oscillator, SPXO, Differential output crystal oscillator, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO, 32.768kHz crystals, Ceramic resonators, Ceramic filters, SAW resonators, SAW filters, Crystal filters and MEMS oscillator.

SJK brand frequency control parts are widely used in telecommunications, mobile communications, IoT, severs, smart city and factory, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, industrial control, test equipment, wearables, medical electronics, security and alarms, robotics and any device that needs a precise frequency or time keeping.

Crystal Oscillator, Resonator, Crystal Filter, Ceramic Device, VCXO, TXCO, OCXO, MEMS Programmable Oscillator, RTC ( Real Time Clock ).