Passive Components​​

BeTech Company offers wide range of Passive Components:


Thin & Thick Film Resistors, RF resistors, current sense resistors

MLCC Capacitors, Electrolytic capacitors, super capacitors

Ceramic Inductors, WW inductors, EMI suppressor and Transformers

RF Low Band pass filters,  passive antenna, Baluns

Circuit protection: TVS, multi fuse, PTC, SMD fuses, micro fuses  

Diodes, Schothy,Transistors, IGBT & Rectifier, Thyristor, GDT

Timing Devices – Quartz Crystals, OSC, TCXO, VCXO, SAW Filters.

LEDS – SMD & TH LEDS, LED Lamp, 7 SEG, Light bars.

Displays – LCD, TFT, OLED, E-Paper , Touch panel, Custom Display.

Optocoupler & Solid State Relay.   

Buzzers, Speakers, Microphones.

Be Tech